Consolidating frequent flyer miles

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That means, if prices for flights are being reduced, more people will fly.

Traditionally airline concepts are based on the assumption that airline traffic grows in line with the economy and that cutting prices will only lead to a decrease in revenues.

Moreover, it reflects several decisions about what kind of air service easy Jet wants to provide.

Evidently, its focus is on 'European routes', targeting business and leisure travellers alike.

easy Jet argues that both Boeing and Airbus aircraft have broadly similar characteristics but that a wider aisle on A319 will make it quicker to embark and disembark, that it has an extra seat on board (150 vs.

149) and that overall the A319 will lower costs by about 10% compared to the current mix of aircraft, which will contribute to lower ticket fares.

In October 2002 the airline signs a deal to purchase 120 Airbus, which will facilitate the airline's ongoing growth strategy.

November 1995: easy Jet starts flights from Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh with to leased Boeing 737-300 with a capacity of 148 seats at a price of £29 one way.

Seats are being sold over telephone reservation system only.

It is based on the low-cost, no-frills model of the US carrier Southwest.

The concept of easy Jet is based on the belief that demands for short-haul air transport is price elastic.

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