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As you put in the disk take time to watch the opening movie play and don't skip it. As the main menu comes up notice that you have the Convert option at the bottom. If you've played the above mentioned games can take you're cleared data from those games and get bonus material while playing this game.

So if you have said game data from the previous games you can use that convert option now if you wish.

---------------------------------- Look, if this is your first time playing you may know about Haseo's kinda gay looking outfit.

Hack is a story about an online game, if it's confussing now you'll soon get the hang of the concept.

Anyway this disk is like the most amazing thing ever.

If you've never played the old games this is the perfect thing to bring you up to date on important events.

---For those who don't have the Terminal disk I highly suggest looking at the in-depth guide at ( written by CRtwety.

He did an AMAZING job writing his guide for the Terminal Disk.

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