Stamps com tracking not updating

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Now, I can easily print a label and stick it onto my package in a matter of seconds. I can easily compare which shipping methods are the cheapest and save money.It's really nice and totally better than doing it yourself.However, occasionally the internal Customs ID can be used to find the Customs status of the package via your local post.Ship Station has made my shipping life so much easier.For bigcommerce clients, we get a free starter package that is great for small businesses.We don't ship over the monthly amount so this really works for us.

After some initial headaches getting this to run/print from our macs in the office, the interface is fine and reasonably intuitive.

For more information regarding the alternative shipping methods we offer, please see our Domestic Shipping Options.

USPS First-Class International shipments can take up to 8 weeks to be delivered.

Easy to track packages, see shipping exceptions, refund, cancel and even create manual shipments.

I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of cutting and pasting order after order into shipping forms. depending on your plan there is e-mail assistance which is quick or live chat help.

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