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Her daughter was last seen in front of the Aruban night club and restaurant Carlos'n'Charlie's in Oranjestad, stepping into a car where three guys were sitting, Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe.Once she was there, she asked Joran where her daughter was.That means that Beth Holloway was on her way to Aruba before her daughter was declared missing. Once she was already in Aruba, Beth didn't go directly to the police.Instead, she went to the Van der Sloot's family home.

Out of that, 75% of the Aruban national income comes from tourism, especially from the USA, that's why it wasn't also in the interest of the Arubans to clash with the Americans. Most of the Dutch and American security services that went to Aruba to supposedly look for Natalee Holloway have left already, and Venezuela has never been attacked. It turns also out that Natalee's former boyfriend was on the island at the time she disappeared, but that was never investigated, or probably the Americans also wouldn't allow it.There she was supposed to take a bus to the airport.She was from Clinton AL(USA), and had been for one week on Aruba for a graduation trip.You would say, that there were reasons enough to investigate them, and actually in the US that's a routine procedure, to investigate the family in any disapparition or murder case. The report mentions the Mansurs by name and portrays them as criminals who were associated with criminal organizations involved in drugs trafficking, gun trafficking and laundering money obtained from criminal activities.Despite the fact that the report was classified as top secret it was leaked to the press and its contents became public.

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