Validating numeric textbox in vb net Srilanka women live cam

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Is Valid property to false if any validation errors were detected so that you can take the appropriate action in your server code as well.

Here are the sections that are covered in this article: It is strongly recommended that you check all input submitted to the server in your server side code.

You could also place the Java Script into it's own file and use the Client Script.

Register Startup Script() method or Script Manager registration methods to register the file with the page.

Upon popular demand, I have added a section that also covers how to use a validator control to check if a text box contains a number. They can be configured to work client side to prevent unnecessary postbacks to the server and they set the Page.

Once you have your client side script included into your aspx page, you need to call the Java Script function that filters your text box.

You do this by adding the "On Key Press" attribute to the text box that should hold the number value.

If you enter a number then a space it works, but if you just input a space, it does not work. You're right on time again Sonu Kapoor, thanks again! It's very hard to find the right answer on this site, as only a handful of posters actually post the correct answer with no missing (essential) information.

You need TWO validator controls to ensure only numeric values are entered.

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