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I reconnected with woman I knew for years and years, and was a friend, and she did that. I reconnected with woman I knew for years and years, and was a friend, and she did that.

Plus I am a smoker (listed in my profile as well) I too, see the "Smoker dating site ads"Perhaps it's Google chrome's doing? Basically the company wants you to get free samples of the expensive creams, but even the blondes should surely figure out that once they have your credit card they are gonna put you on a cream per month purchase plan! The funniest thing on my facebook page is a forwarded photo of a REALLY busty( I am talking two black diamond watermelons) woman in front of a sign that says beer. I reconnected with woman I knew for years and years, and was a friend, and she did that. Not really "funny," but I absolutely LOATH the "Overweight and Desperate? " I'm sure eventually we'll start seeing ads like "Fat? "The ones I love are the "Russian Women are Looking for Men! May as well be like a popcorn salesman at a baseball game: "Green card marriages, get your green card marriages here!

I do have a LOT of photos of really, I mean REALLY busty women ... I get the ads for wrinkle creams for 7 or less dollars. without charging even bigger bucks than their bust cost???? and two the distinguished guy in the photo that is begging them to find him 60 year old women is nowhere in sight but I did get some men in their 20s wanting to give me free sex if I would pay their way to my house. :)The ads of "these women will message you and pursue you" can be the scary ones. I had a targeted ad saying that there are thousands of 'hot emo-chicks looking for guys over 30 who appreciate emos.' (Quite an amibitious sales pitch)It tried to convince me they were local, but it got the continent wrong ( as many American places are named after English ones). " better than a shirtless fat man with a buzzcut who's staring back at you with a look on his face that says "WTF? Way to go, Po F.:/Most of the ads I get are something like "Hot chicks want to date single dads" and the even more insulting to my intelligence "Looking for a Sugar Momma? Virgins between the ages of 18 and 19 1/2 are looking for you!

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