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Because of this, prosecutors and courts want to see sex offenders spend as much time in jail as possible, and will recommend harsh punishments without regard for extenuating circumstances or other issues surrounding the charges or the conviction.

This is especially true of charges for crimes against children, such as child abuse or molestations.Whether the charges and accusations against you are true or not does not matter because you need to hire a criminal defense attorney or law firm that will stand beside you every step of the way.More importantly, you need an attorney or law firm that is not afraid to tell you like it is regarding the truth of the circumstances, the charges, and potential outcome you might face, whether the truth if what you want to hear or not.If you live in Ventura and you are convicted of a sex crime charge, you will carry the consequences of that conviction with you forever.Even if you’ve finished any jail time, probation or parole you received at sentencing, paid your fines, and finished any other court stipulate actions, the stigma of a sex crime charge lasts for a lifetime, as does the mandatory requirement that you register with and abide by the rules of the sex offender registry – permanently.

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