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We enable specialist dealers in fine art and antiques to concentrate on their mission, that is finding astounding pieces while they can rely on Louis Morel Web Services to display these items in the most attractive way on their web sites.We design exquisite web sites that do full right to the beauty of antiques and fine arts. You can either become a free member or get a paid membership.Service buyers pay the project fees in escrow mode, which is released to the service provider after job completion.

Louis Morèl and Associates deliver web services to dealers in fine arts, jewelry, collectibles and antiques.Location: Australia The site connects creative freelancers with top agencies looking for work in multiple fields like freelance writers, graphic designers, animators, flash experts, web designers, editors, photographers and more. Connect with clients and take it on the next level directly.Location: Gurgaon A new kid on the block, Scuhio connects organizations with freelancers and students.You have the option to get hired full-time, part-time, do internships or freelance. Freelancers need to bid on projects, win, complete and receive payment through online bank transfer or check.Location: New Delhi It is the Indian version of the immensely popular marketplace. On a side note, if you plan to use Freelancer.in, expect a lot of competition and price war.

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