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And on Saturday, international skin care and cosmetics brand Dove apologized for a similar gaffe.“I know there’s a lot of curiosity and a lot of ignorance about black people [in China],” said James, who was quick to emphasize that she loves the country she’s called home for five years.We Chat, the Chinese messaging app, has apologised for translating “black foreigner” into the N-word.It was noticed by Ann James, a black American director and actor who featured in China’s highest-grossing film ever, this summer’s Wolf Warrior 2.Ms Jones recently texted Chinese colleagues to tell them she was running late.As usual, the black American typed in English, using We Chat’s in-app translation feature to read the Chinese responses.She gasped when she saw that the next message contained a racist obscenity: “The n----- is late.”“I was just horrified,” James told Sixth Tone.But as Chinese technology firms expand globally, their cross-cultural aptitude will be put to the test.The Chinese colleague who had sent the original message was shocked, but the theater director reassured her.

”The spokesperson from We Chat explained that the app used neural machine translation, though the engine was constantly being refined to provide “more accurate, faithful, expressive, and elegant” results.

Starting next month, commuters and tourists can purchase tickets with their mobile phones at two stations selected for the trial scheme.

While the initiative arguably benefits mainland tourists more than Hongkongers, it breaks a 20-year stronghold by the contactless Octopus card on how train fares can be paid for.

We Chat Pay caters to Hongkongers only, while Weixin Pay works solely on the mainland market.

The MTR confirmed that We Chat Pay terminals will be installed at a number of ticket machines at two stations by mid-December. “The company noticed electronic payments are becoming popular, with a multitude of payment options on the market.

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