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Do you have a solution for failing cellular data access or the inability to use mobile data in i OS 9?

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If your cellular data is still not working after a complete restore, your options are becoming a bit more limited, and you may to try setting the device up as new (without restoring), or you may want to downgrade to a prior release while it’s still possible.

An i Phone is obviously less useful without the ability to use the internet and transmit data over a cellular network, so if you find yourself unable to find a resolution with the above troubleshooting steps, you may want to consider downgrading i OS 9 back to i OS 8.4.1 as described here.

Be warned though, beta software releases are notoriously buggy and tend to be less reliable.

This is really only appropriate for more advanced users, but making a jump to i OS 9.1 beta may resolve the issue, assuming you can tolerate the beta experience.

The cellular data problem is typically manifested in a few ways; either an outright failure to transmit any data or access the internet whatsoever when the i Phone or i Pad is connected to a cellular network (though wi-fi continues to work), a failure of certain apps to connect to mobile data or access cellular data, or, in some situations the Cellular Data button is disabled but grayed out and unable to be toggled on.

If you’re on i OS 9, that means updating to i OS 9.0.1.

A bit more risky, but you can also sign up to participate in the public beta program and jump to beta versions of i OS.

This can be a long process depending on the size of your i Phone or i Pad and how much stuff is on there, so don’t start this if you don’t have potentially several hours to complete it. Nonetheless, resetting a device to factory default settings and then restoring it with a backup can often remedy peculiar situations.

Absolutely backup first or you will lose data doing this.

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