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So it seems that everyone and their mother has heard that Nodame is being made into a Kdrama. I feel so strongly about that, I am barely able to keep cool about it and explain my feelings. (Scroll past the gifs for actual discussion, starting off from Nodame, all the way to the disgraceful "Boys Over Flowers") Please watch this gif with the cat's voice playing in your head.So please allow me to employ the wonderful usage of imagery to demonstrate. Loki explains my feelings on the project: Dear Group 8: I am beyond English words... Let me start by explaining my history with Nodame Cantabile.I honestly don't know one example where a Korean adaptation of a Jdrama was remotely good, let alone as good as the Japanese version. The point is, I believe that some Jdramas would most likely be much better as a Kdrama, due to great story, yet subpar acting and production.Even Hanzawa Naoki, although I love it as it is, I think it would made a wonderful high quality Kdrama. Here are the most popular drama this Group Eight has produced ever, from the list on their website, and common knowledge of what is popular (for the demographic likely to be reading this post): 2006: Goong Based on a manhwa, this drama was incredibly slow paced and tear-out-your-hair frustrating.) for his other projects, it is no lie that he's handsome. I have an idea the original Japanese would be much more entertaining, but cannot confirm yet.However, I found Korean Makino very, very annoying, and the Kdrama really, really terrible. Hana Yori Dango was not equally polished, but it was the original. 2010: Playful Kiss Adapted from Itazura na Kiss, which I didn't know anything about but I tried watching the Kdrama anyway. 2013: Pretty Man Not saying this was super popular, but I did watch it, it ended just recently. After mid-way through it became so bad, it was literally like no one was even trying anymore.

But admittedly, this is a tricky situation because both are actually Japanese adaptations of original Kdramas.While I do understand why most people might find a personality like Nodame annoying and want to kick her face not only if she existed in real life, but even as an anime character, I love her infinitely. I can't really name one favorite Jdrama of all time, but if you forced me to give an answer, it would most likely be Nodame.And most people would most likely think I need therapy for caring so much about a fictional story.So this group of Kdrama producers, uncreatively named Group Eight (despite their English slogan on their webpage, which calls them "Creative Leaders"), want to take my beloved Nodame and make a Kdrama out of it?Without going into a fit of unstoppable rage, let me explain why I think this is a very bad idea, for us true fans, anyway. There is a reason that Nodame works as a drama, while showing exactly how childlike abnormal she is, but not to the point where you can't imagine that a person like that would never exist in real life, or at least as real as life gets in the scope of a drama. I'm not talented enough to describe exactly why, but if you ever watched some anime, I'm sure you can imagine that it doesn't really stand out when you insert made-up words in speech, and quite a few animes, and even some dramas, have their own meaningless word catchphrase.

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