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Most dolls have an outer layer of skin made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) for a smooth and more natural finish.The company sells a range of ‘off-the-peg’, ready-made sex dolls that start from 0 and range up to ,490.However, it is the company’s custom-made dolls that make them stand out.Designing your custom sex doll is pretty easy using the site but does require a little imagination of how the end result will look.In this guide, we look at the various options you have when it comes to customising your own sex doll and just how realistic they are.If you visited a sex store in the 1980s your choice of sex doll would have been restricted to a simple inflatable with a comic open mouth, fixed position and chances of deflating (or puncturing) mid-action a distinct probability.They ship internationally and don’t send the doll until you have seen a ‘proof’ which you are happy with.Sexy Sex Dolls has some good customer feedback and product reviews as well as offering a good after-care support service including Live Chat on their website.

The Silicon Wives are designed and hand sculpted by professional artists with attention paid to every last inch of detail — inside and out. you can buy single body parts, from realistic silicone feet (with vaginas! The Sexy Sex Doll website has a wide range of customization options including: Also made from TPE over an articulated metal skeleton, the Sexy Sex Doll range is super comprehensive but their website isn’t as easy to navigate as My Silicone Love Doll.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best options for customising a sex doll on the market today…

One thing you’ll notice, however, is that the custom choices are .

Their dolls are made using a metal skeleton that allows the structure of the doll to be posed in a variety of realistic positions (and stay there).

This is then covered with either a layer of silicone or TPE to create a realistic, and comfortable, flesh and skin texture.

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