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These approaches contribute to being cancer free while preserving quality of life and preventing erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

An added benefit of having robotic surgery at UCLA for prostate cancer is the comprehensive specialty teams of medical and radiation oncologists (doctors who specialize in cancer).

Flame, named after the shape of its head which represents the logo of the University, is an active walker.

This means that the robot is using actuators to control its gait.

The robotic surgeons at UCLA offer a collaborative approach to treating urologic cancers and benign conditions.

If the robot should be put out of balance with a push from the right, it will detect that it is falling to the left and put the left feet a little bit more to the left.

Because of the on-board processor, the MTi could be easily connected to a low-power PC104 processor.

It's harder to delete spam once there's a reply, too.

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